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About is a blog oriented site that provides information on losing weight, eating right, nutrition, and how to live a healthy life style.

Welcome to This is a health and nutrition blog to tell stories and share information on one of the most important aspect of our lives—our health. It is in no way to be taken as advice on your own health issues. We are not trying to replace the advice you should be following from the health professionals that care for you. We take the advice even our own primary care physicians’ recommend—be your own health advocate. Ask questions, share information you would like to know more about and make healthy choices. Not all of us can walk 30 minutes a day, eat whole-wheat products, and afford a strictly organic diet. But we can continue to educate ourselves in health and nutrition to strive for a more wholesome lifestyle.

We started because we both have an interest in living fuller, healthier lives. We are father, Rick Sr, and son, Rich Jr. Rich Jr is currently a student studying nutrition and working towards a degree relating to the subject. He is a rock climber (yep, that’s him on the main page)and works out on a regular basis to stay in tip-top condition. He keeps up on the newest developments in the field of nutrition. Rich Jr understands how food works and certain nutrients and chemicals affect the way our bodies function.  

Rick Sr is a product of the seventies. This was a time when the Patchouli oil scented, bandana wearing, health food store employee was trusted more than the highly educated family doctor was. He learned a lot reading the teachings of health gurus such as Adelle Davis. Rick Sr learn to appreciate the lifesaving skills and compassion he received from the medical community as he matured. Although, he never let go of learning what proper nutrition could do for his health. He cautiously tried to improve his health by learning what foods to eat and/or avoid. Doctors appreciate his sincerity and preparedness at each visit. Now, he wants to share his achievements on improving his health. (Please see his blog on lowering his cholesterol).          

So, if you want to know about omegas 3’s, the glycemic index, and techniques for a morning run, look at what Rich Jr is blogging about. If you desire to see a new product introduced on the market that will keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check, check out what Rick Sr is yapping about. Better yet, listen and learn from both Jr and Sr because that is what they practice—sharing with each what they have learned and discovered about health.    

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