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Welcome to This is a health and nutrition blog to tell stories and share information on one of the most important aspect of our lives—our health. It is in no way to be taken as advice on your own health issues. We are not trying to replace the advice you should be following from the health professionals that care for you. We take the advice even our own primary care physicians’ recommend—be your own health advocate. Ask questions, share information you would like to know more about and make healthy choices. Not all of us can walk 30 minutes a day, eat whole-wheat products, and afford a strictly organic diet. But we can continue to educate ourselves in health and nutrition to strive for a more wholesome lifestyle.

Rock Climbing with Help from Nutrition

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Make Your Peanut Butter and Jelly a Healthier Way

There sure are ways to make yourself or the kids a healthy peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I just read an article about ‘healthy’ foods that are not as ‘healthy’ as the companies are claiming. Two culprits are fresh ground peanut butter along with jams, jellies, and preserves. The author’s complaint seems to be that no matter how the companies label these two products, they seemed to sneak in refined sugars and oils.


There are just too many peanut butter labels listing only one ingredient: peanuts. You can find either a small health food store or framer’s market that will grind the peanuts into a butter with no other ingredients...

The Squash Game I Played with the Kids

I was surprised when the server pointed to the list of sides at the bottom of the menu page. “Spaghetti Squash”. First of all, many are not familiar with this most unique member of the squash family. Those that are familiar don’t want to deal with the trouble to prepare it. For me, it was a must. I tried every which way to slip good food into my family’s diet.

Recipe for a Healthy Mock Moussaka

Follow this link for the recipe:

Here is a great recipe for a mock Moussaka that is healthier, and lower in calories compared to the original style Moussaka. So, for those of you that want to enjoy the famous potato and eggplant taste, you can still make it without adding too much to your waistline.

Zucchini Recipe

I will sauté a pan with fresh garlic, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes. I will cut the regular size mushrooms in half and make the zucchini about the same size. Everything else will get a little more chopping and dicing. If needed, I’ll add a little water and/or white wine to make a little sauce. I will toss the mixture with a little whole wheat, or brown rice pasta. Then I will spread a little hummus on whole grain pita and serve everything with fresh avocado slices. Maybe lay the avocado on a tablespoon or two of low sodium, low-fat cottage cheese.

Recipe to Get More Greens on Your Plate

For Those of you that are trying to find ways to incorporate more greens into your diet, this may be the way to go.  Somtimes I find it hard to get the most out of eating greens while actually having a great taste to follow along.  Here is a simple recipe I use to flavor up my spinach and green beans so that there is a reason to keep coming back.

Nutritional Information

Body Fat Storage Evolution 

Our bodies were made to survive. Our bodies have built-in mechanisms that kick in when danger is upon us and our survival is at stake. A great example is blood clotting. When the skin is punctured, our body automatically sends clotting agents to the site of injury. The agents slow, or stop, blood loss. We also have this type of survival protection when it comes to losing weight and body fat storage. However, it can work differently in each body. Basically, when a person fasts—or restricts calorie intake—the body sends out a warning signal that something is malfunctioning and calories (needed energy) are not coming in.

Image Source: from Ohmega1982

Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio

Check out the video here:

Omega 6 to 3 ratio is sometimes difficult to understand, but having the right ratio can be beneficial to the body.  Too much Omega 6 fatty acids can create a state of inflammation in the body.

The Dirty Dozen - Which Produce has the Most Pesticides

What is the dirty dozen?


Simply, food watchers determine which fruits and vegetables have the most amounts of pesticides. These 12 (or more) kinds of produce should be avoided or purchased as organically grown produce. The list was designed so consumers would know what produce carries the most pesticides.

Check Those Ingredients Before You Drop it in the Cart

Check out the video here:

If you do anything to improve your health, read the ‘list of ingredients’. Then you can read the ‘nutritional facts’ if you find it necessary. Many times, you will not get to the nutritional facts. You may find the ingredients undesirable.

Caution: juice 'drinks' and 'cocktails'!

Are you trying to avoid added sugars in juices? Then watch for these two words on the label: drink and cocktail. These words are usually dead giveaways that there is more than just juice in products labeled as such. There are exceptions when these terms are used and you may find ‘drinks’ and ‘cocktails’ without added sweeteners.

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